6-weeks, Online

Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn to integrate complex Data Science technologies, manage high volumes of data, and even understand the basics of machine learning while delivering meaningful solutions.


Meet course instructors

Nauris Dorbe

Course Instructor

Head of Data and Machine Learning at Brainbase. Nauris has more than six years of experience in building Machine Learning and Data systems. Currently, he's making the Intellectual Property industry's future at Brainbase (a rapidly growing IP monetization platform). Previously Nauris spent time on global stage with Ericsson teams all around the world bringing Industry 4.0 to all Ericsson factories. Specifically focused on integrating large scale Machine Learning solutions with Industry Internet of Things (IIoT). This includes developing state-of-the art Machine Learning solutions.

Krists Avots

Course Facilitator

Director of Digital Transformation at Tet. Krists facilitates around 200 people-strong digital teams. Passionate about maximizing the learning curve to turn technology solutions into viable business models as well as driving in-depth change & transformation processes. Krists also serves on the board of Overkill Ventures VC fund, lectures at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and holds an MA in Digital management from Hyper Island.

What will you learn?


Learn to navigate the world of Data Science to make wiser business decisions.

Master to extract the value from Machine Learning solutions by directing the investment and energy in the right places.

Understand when not to use Machine Learning techniques.

Be able to think as a Data Scientist and discover the frameworks that bring meaningful results to your business.


Implement data-driven decisions making into your organization.

Get started in Data Science or scale it to much bigger adoption.

Propose high-level data solutions to your business problems.

Increase the value of your company by increasing the value of your data.

Course curriculum

Stories from the trenches

How Machine Learning is changing the world. Real experiences and failures that the world has experienced when implementing data solutions in companies.

Discovery planning

Analyzing organization needs
Framing the challenge
Choosing the methods
Describing expected results and business benefits
Planning the execution

Data, datasets and tooling

Data infrastructure and tooling. Data storage, processing, serving, and quality insurance. SQL, noSQL.
Data collection. Getting the right data for the problem will be available at the prediction time.
Data preparation. Prepare data for the Data Science task and make sure it will work during prediction time.
Data management. Dataset creation and labeling.

Training the model

Building phase. Prepare a model which will be able to make accurate predictions.
Troubleshooting. Make sure that the model is working correctly and if not then find ways to fix the problems.
Deployment. Moving the model to production. Collaboration with software development teams.
Monitoring. Making sure that the models are working properly in the production.

Who is this
course for?

Data Science & Machine Learning course is designed for small to large-sized companies with over 300 employees where data analysis plays a crucial role.

Growth Stage Startups

Founders or owners to understand where to start with the organizational structure, technologies, and strategy. Have a small or no data team in-house and are eager to establish an understanding of what data science is and how it can work in their organization with collaboration with everyone else.

Data Stakeholders

Hands-on data team members who are already working with a large amount of data and investing in Data Science. Ready to improve their knowledge with the latest technology trends and developments in the area.

Executive Managers

Decision-makers with motivation to improve the efforts of their existing data team and scale it to the new heights.

Aspiring Data Analysts

Anyone looking to get ahead and break into this in-demand field.

What to expect
from this course?

Data Science & Machine Learning course goal is to enable participants to each run at least one change initiative at their companies. We will provide you with the necessary tools and support you along the way with various learning practices.

Learning sessions

Intensive days of learning with course instructor Nauris Dorbe from Brainbase.


Slack community onboarding for engaging and continuous learning and community support.

1on1 mentoring

Individual session with course instructor Nauris to work on the chosen change initiative for company.

Facilitated group calls

Break-out sessions for peer groups lead by course facilitators to discuss takeaways and progress.

Check-in 2 weeks after the course

Follow-up session to exchange experiences on your change initiative implementation.

Access to custom made resource kit

Frameworks and theory, library of articles, books and videos, online session recordings.

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